I love the crewneck because it’s so soft and comfy. It keeps me warm I also love the daily reminder.

Angelica (5ft5, M size crewneck)

i LOVE the merch!! it is so so comfortable and makes me feel so confident! the material is also amazing! one thing i love about it is that the letters are mirrored so when you look in the mirror you can read the “you’re doing amazing” - overall, best purchase ever!!

Natasha (5ft4, S size crewneck)

I LOOOVE Laeti's crewneck because it’s SO comfortable and being able to read the message in the mirror is so original!!! The fact it’s been created by someone who really cares about others is making SUCH a big difference !

Rosalie (5ft4, L size crewneck)

On this picture I was 16 weeks pregnant and I got a small ! I adore my crewneck because it’s honestly so comfy. I LOVE the colour and the quality is impressive. Even if I washed it lots of times, my crewneck still look the way it did when I first got it.

Melissa (5ft4, S size crewneck)

I love EVERYTHING about this crewneck! I decided to go with medium and the sizing is perfect (not too big and not too small). I love the fact it’s an embroidery on the front, it’s so much more durable. It is also very soft and comfortable, that’s literally the hoodie I’m always wearing, and the colour is so pretty!!! I have mine since September and even after washing it a few times, the colour didn’t even lighten a bit. Honestly, I adore my crewneck!!!

Karina (5ft4, M size crewneck)

I feel so safe with this crewneck because I feel like Læti’s watching over me at all times. It’s like I’m never really alone when I’m wearing it.

Emily (5ft5, S size crewneck)

I love that it offers a constant reminder of self love. It's beautifully made and so comfortable. It also matches with everything!

Amanda (5ft7, L size crewneck)

I love the crew neck so much because it is very cozy. I really like how it looks on me and I love that every time I look in the mirror your words bring a smile to my lips.

Alena (5ft8, L size crewneck)

I absolutely love this crewneck. To be quite honest, I was a bit skeptical at first in terms of styling it because of fashion but I ended up creating the cutest comfy yet trendy outfits with it. Definitely recommend for your future hot girl comfy OOTDs!

Calia (5ft4, S size crewneck)

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